Pretty Little Liars season 5 episode 14 review: Through A Glass, Darkly

Originally posted by elenathenerd. If you have any other ideas about this list, please let me know or re-blog with your own suspicions! I apologize in advance for all the exclamation points in this post. I took these notes in live-time as I was watching, and sometimes I got really excited lol. When she arrives to retrieve the item, she finds a red coat checked in under the name Vivian Darkbloom. But since Mona just had a mental breakdown, she was so drugged up on medication and thought she was speaking to Alison at the time, so it really could have been anyone. She is on some crazy medication which is contributing to her imagination. This can only mean one thing: Assembly of the A-Team!

Pretty Little Liars’ 15 Best Spencer and Toby Moments

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Gay porn, snogging in hot tubs and Spencer “shooting himself in the d**k” – was this the most explosive episode of MIC ever?

In four seasons of chasing Ali and characters dying or not dying , nothing could prepare viewers for the best reveal in “Pretty Little Liars” history. The girls are at Spencer’s house when a news brief flashes that an unnamed witness is coming forward with details on Detective Wilden’s death. Hanna knows the fate of her mother is in the hands of Travis. Remaining optimistic, the girls believe that he is telling the truth and not part of the A team. A package addressed to all of the girls arrives at Spencer’s door.

When the girls open it, four magic 8-balls convey the message “If she goes free, you’ll hear from me. Without hesitation, the girls decide it is time to assemble the troops and fight World War A. In order for Travis’ story to make sense, Ashley must participate in a police line-up so he can identify the woman who was at the scene of Detective Wilden’s murder before the shots were fired.

While the district attorney meets with Travis, Ashley has a moment with Caleb, thanking him for taking care of Hanna and sticking by her family while everything was going on.

‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Had The Best Spoby Relationship Update

There are many reasons to watch Pretty Little Liars. Okay, granted, they spent a lot of this scene talking about Jason, and Toby was acting kinda shady, but the setting was still pretty romantic. So back to Scrabble. Before their first kiss, Spencer and Toby played Scrabble together, so by that, we mean they flirted while sort of playing a board game.

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Pretty Little Liars was a show about a lot of things: mystery, technology, coming-of-age — but what many fans remember it for are the ships. Everyone had a favorite romantic pairing. Like all of those on the beloved series, it experienced ups and downs, but the real-life friendship between Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn made it even more special when they got their happily ever after.

So was it just friendship, or something more?

(Allen portrayed Spencer’s boyfriend, Toby, on the show for many in the upcoming episodes, we’ll also see how their relationship slowly.

JJ and Will fell in love. After catching a serial killer and wrapping up a case, JJ slipped him her phone number. Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan had a double date. The pairs crossed paths outside of a diner that Sam claimed had “the best milkshakes in town. JJ gave birth to Henry. During Season 4, JJ announced that she was pregnant. She mostly worked from the office instead of traveling and when the team returned from a particularly tough case in Texas, they were greeted with news that Henry had arrived!

Spencer Reid lost Maeve.

The 15 Most Iconic Josh-Donna Moments in ‘West Wing’ History

Since you prob don’t have time to rewatch the whole season before tonight, I put together a quick cheat sheet for you. Here are all the important breakups, make-ups, hookups, proposals, and murders lol that could influence how season 7B unfolds. This felt so undeniably wrong at first — regardless of whether you shipped Haleb or Spoby, it just felt WEIRD to see these two together. But hey, their chemistry kinda worked. Which is a real shame, because whatever his accent was Australian?

Did anyone else notice that it kept switching?

So was it just friendship, or something more? Let’s take a look. Hanna and Caleb’s relationship timeline. ashleybenson.

Needless to say Yes, after seven seasons and countless text messages, the culprit AD or Uber A was finally unearthed as Spencer’s identical British twin sister, Alex Drake. The series conclusion saw a number of questions answered but not all of them. Indeed, the big reveal also opened the door for even more questions that may never be answered. Here are a few of our pressing questions and at least some of the answers. Updated: We know Alex Drake killed her lover Wren and made him into a diamond necklace, but we never found out how she did it.

We assumed she shot him with the gun Wren shot her with earlier, but that theory was never confirmed on screen because we wrong! Indeed, speaking to Vulture showrunner I. Marlene King revealed what would have gone down if they filmed Wren’s death scene, which they actually had to scrap due to scheduling conflicts.

It was going to be an awesome death scene. Gruesome, too. Another mystery spanning from Wren’s off-screen death is where Alex ended up burning his body.

Do You Remember These Pivotal Relationship Moments On Criminal Minds?

Just when you thought Spencer Matthews couldn’t tick any more love rat boxes that should be part of the census by the way or that him and Louise couldn’t possibly have yet another awkward break-up, last night’s episode of Made In Chelsea proved us all wrong. We won’t be making those kinds of silly assumptions again. Oh no. Because when it comes to the greased-up, posh love-child of David Brent and Russell Brand who goes by the name of Spencer Matthews, no low blow is too low.

After being unfaithful more times than a sex addict in the playboy mansion, the star of The Bachelor then went and cheated on Louise in her own bed. And now the pouty brunette has finally confronted Spencer about it.

At Hanna’s house, the girls see Ashley off on a date with Pastor Ted and Toby tells Spencer that the letter Shana’s dropped contained the name of all of their secrets, a timeline of each major event and computers with.

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Made in Chelsea’s Spencer reveals the shocking reason he cheated on Louise in dramatic showdown

Aria and Jason aka Jaria. Ah, the couple that inspired this whole feature. But before all that nonsense, Jaria actually seemed like it could be on the cards all the way back in Season 2. You know, as you do. Spencer and Alex aka Spex. I mean, the ship name alone pretty much guaranteed that this relationship was never going to work.

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario and Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) from Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars Spoby Spencer Toby Pretty Little Liars Quotes, Pretty Little Liers, Pretty Timeline Photos – Spencer Hastings | via Facebook CouplesSpencer HastingsEpisode OnlineCouple Relationship​Relationships.

As Scott celebrates his hen do, can Mitchell bring himself to tell his grandad Walter the truth about their wedding? Felix plays with fire. And Sienna tries to take Brody’s mind off Buster. Martine demands to know what’s going on with Felix. Brody is on a mission to get justice, but is he still battling his own demons? Scott refuses to keep his and Mitchell’s wedding a secret. Warren meets up with his childhood carer, Cormac, to get some answers. Felix has a big surprise for Scott.

Darren feels as if everyone is treating him differently. Goldie gets a makeover. An emotional Nancy makes a moving speech at Kyle’s wake. Scott returns to Hollyoaks and is heartbroken to hear about his friend. Darren tells Mandy about his suicidal thoughts.

‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Till Death Do Kate & Toby Part?

Ad — content continues below. Having an end date on a show like this, as Lost proved, not only quells the fears of an ever-frustrated audience, but it also gives the writers much more freedom to go forwards with plot and character development — two things that were noticeably stagnating. So this episode needed to be a statement of intent more than anything, and there were definitely elements of that. Will they ever be able to make their way out of Rosewood, or are they going to be perpetually stuck in town due to outside interference?

Spoby is the name of the romantic relationship between Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh. It.

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11 questions (and some answers) we have after the Pretty Little Liars series finale

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Lucy Hale Aria was on the September issue of Cosmopolitan talking about lady things, Ashley Benson Hanna is apparently dating a guy named James Franco, and every other girl on the show probably is sitting at home, hating the fact that Ashley Benson gets to date a guy named James Franco. Thankfully, instead of making us wait until the official second half of the season January 8 , the show decided to throw us a bone by putting on a Halloween episode.

The only three things I knew going into this episode:. Adam Lambert is making a cameo. The Liars will be wearing costumes. They will all undoubtedly look perfect in said costumes. We start out with hot but creepy or creepy but hot, still unclear Mona singing a devilish Halloween carol. Mona on Halloween:. I suggest you try it.

I might need to crowd-source this statement. I never knew makeup-loving girls hated Christmas. Anyway, we see that Mona is talking to a hooded character, to whom she then hands something:. Finally, after this transaction, we see our Liars.

Pretty Little Liars: Troian Bellisario: Are Spencer & Toby Endgame?

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